Bezant Wallet & Scan Testnet Guide for End-Users

How to Participate

This is the step by step guideline for the End-User Testnet. In this testnet, users will be able to create a wallet, send tokens, and search on the Bezant Scan. To access the Wallet and Scan services, please click the link below

Wallet Testnet URL
Scan Testnet URL

WALLET (7 steps)

  1. Sign Up and Sign In

a. Fill out the required blanks (email, password, and re-enter the password) and press the Create Account button.

b. Read and agree to the terms and conditions. Once you click the Create Account button, a verification email from Bezant will be sent to your inbox.

c. To activate your account, you must click the link in the verification email and sign in through it.

*If you sign up with a google account for the first time, no verification email will be sent.
*If you sign up with a google account, you can only sign in through google log in.

2. Create New Wallet

a. Once you sign-in, you have to create a new wallet in order to test a token transfer.

b. Remember, for the testnet, you are only allowed to make 6 wallets.

c. Create Wallet Password

  • Enter your password using 4 -16 characters.
  • Notice: This password encrypts your private key. (make sure not to forget this password)

3. Get Token (Please note that this token is only used for this testnet. This is not the actual Bezant token.)

a. Only for the testnet, Bezant has created a function in the wallet to get Bezant testnet tokens.

4. Create Another Wallet to Transfer Token (if you want to test a token transfer to yourself)

a. Click the “+New Wallet” button and create another wallet.

b. Please check the wallet list and don’t forget to copy the wallet address using the clipboard button on the top right and then press the Transfer button to send tokens.

c. If you would like to transfer the token to another user, you must have his or her wallet address.

5. Transfer Token

a. Fill out the blanks and paste the copied address to the recipient address.

6. Transfer Confirmation and Check Balance

a. Make sure the information is correct(your password) and press the confirm button.

b. Scan link — Also, you can see the results in the Bezant Scan

c. Check Balance

  • Once you check that the transaction is successfully completed, the balance of your wallet will be updated.

7. Token Tab

a. When you click “Token” tab, you can see a list of tokens which were created by partners in the Bezant network. (The list of tokens will be created soon. At the same time, “Add Token” feature will be added.)

b. Choose any of tokens in the list and select a wallet that you would like to add the token into.

c. The selected token will be shown in the wallet.

SCAN (5 steps)

  1. Transaction Status and History Check

a. You can check the transaction status in the Bezant Scan.

b. In the Bezant Scan, you can also see the block, token, and transaction history; transaction and block details are also represented in a daily and hourly graph on the right.

2. Browse by Block List

a. You can browse block information in the block tab above. On the block list page, you can click on a particular block and check the details.

b. Block details

  • The block detail page contains data such as data hash, previous hash, and transactions, etc.
  • you can click on a particular Tx Hash and check the details.

3. Browse by Transaction List

a. You can browse transaction information in the transaction tab above. On the transaction list page, you can click on a particular Tx Hash and check the details.

  • All the transactions are listed in chronological order.

b. Data Details

  • Tx Hash →Transaction details
  • Block → Block details
  • From → Sender’s wallet address
  • To→ Chaincode name(Smart contract)

c. Transaction details

  • The transaction detail page contains data such as the sender’s wallet address, amount, and data, etc.
  • You can check the transaction status.

4. Browse by Token List

a. You can browse token information in the token tab above. On the token list page, you can click on a particular token and check the details.

  • The list of tokens will be created after the partner testnet.
  • You can browse a token in the search bar located on the top-right corner of the token list page.
Token details

b. Token details

  • The token detail page contains data such as a token holder, transfers, and token information.

5. Search Wallet / Block / Tx Hash

a. You can browse wallet address, Block, and Tx Hash in the search bar located on the top-right corner of the scan page.

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