My 2015 — The Year Of Unchange

2015 has been a lazy and unchanging year. It’s hard to look back and reflect on everything happened.

No Travelling

Planet earth is wonderful and I believe every human being should spend as much time as possible to travel and explore. It’s in our DNA, it’s who we are. We were not born to lie on a couch and watch cheap TV series. We’re born to explore, discover, and burn ourselves to die.

In 2012, I visited 30+ different cities. 3 years later, in 2015, I visited only 2 different cities: Macao and a small town in North.


I used out my ambition last winter and early 2105, and started a lazy period of my life:Negative attitude,Lazy working,Hate to learn,No persistence,Care about all the meaningless things,No target,No schedule,Anxiety,Junk food,Games,Erratic hours…

Started fitness

In August, I started my fitness plan. In the first two months, I went to the gym 3 days every week, but my shape did not significant change. So the lazy me told myself to give up, and I did. I feel sick of being a middle-aged lazy man, my life need to be changed particularly.

Started writing

This is maybe the only good thing that can comfort me. Design need speculative knowledge, focus, keep think, and adjust the perspective. Writing all thought down will help me think better.

Freelance Designer

I learned that being a 9 to 5 employee is not the only way how I wanna to spend my life. I know the dynamics of outsourcing, and I also know the original intention to be a part-timer is to build my capabilities of design. In 2015, I received 4 outsourcing design projects to make my every weekend busier, and get more valuable project experience. That help me to be more mature and efficient in design thinking.


I’m sure I forgot so many other things that would be worth mentioned here, but just writing this piece helped me to digest and reflect everything that happened.

Keep on running,


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