The Red Sea

The sea turns red immediately as they noticed the lengthy tentacles of Anger itself, boiling and raging, the unforgiving waters start to rise. You and your crew are now in the middle of this, you are to find a way through this and you know you have done it before like always.

Is fighting the only way? Or is there another way to sail out of it? Some might tell you to hide in the stowaway until it blows out but you will never see how great the waves goes up to. Some say to throw out your weapons and pray out loud for forgiveness but you will never truly understand how much can you fight with your mast up high. Of course we have some that tells you to harness the power of the red raging sea and ride it in the direction of your foes but in the long run, your crew dies out and you are left crying for help in the hot boil and thunderous skies.

Impairment is what I called it. Why allow it to put a spanner in your rotary parts and jam up the system? So today, actually it was just minutes ago before i start writing this, I saw the tentacles and the red waters, and I jumped right into it.

Because I don’t want to be impaired, I want to understand whats the motive of the monster surfacing up, I want to understand the celsius of the water, I want to understand the shade of red, I want to understand what makes the water red and what makes the water boil, I want to understand why.

I used to let anger be my god and my calls are to praise it, little did I know, I grew afraid and became a step over to others. And then I met my friend, he told me about the power of the red sea and how the red water gives him power, I tried harnessing it, little did I know I had to swim out from it before it consumes me entirely, and it wasn’t an easy swim. Today I have decided to acknowledge the anger and I caught it by my hand then dissect it like a bug in a biology class, understanding how does it put itself together and the natures of law that was behind all these. Think straight, think smart, think clear.