Apologies Offered

No bad intention…I’m with Bezop for the long haul.

It has come to my attention that my involvement with Urbit has caused quite a bit of consternation in the community. So, let me explain, but first, let me formally announce my resignation as an advisor for Urbit. There was never any intent to do harm or signal any kind of departure from Bezop. Bezop is my first one only true ICO love. I am 100% dedicated to Bezop and its long term success. Coming from a traditional corporate environment where I have advised on multiple boards of directors and advisory boards simultaneously, it was perfectly normal for me to accept an offer from friends to advise on their company. I did not realize the impact this would have in the ICO space. Therefore, I have stepped down immediately from Urbit and am no longer advising them. My focus and dedication is to Bezop. I have given formal notice to Urbit and advised Bezop of my decision.

Folks, I am with Bezop for the long haul and am dedicated to ensuring their long term success as the preeminent e-commerce system on the market. It is unfortunate that Urbit’s site contained a number of similarities to Bezop. The site had already been developed when I joined them. I had nothing to do with its design nor are the teams the same. Never-the-less, I had them pull all of those similarities down from their site; plus, if you register, you will see the dramatically different dashboard.

Now, I hope that the community will recognize and accept that my initial decision was purely based on loyalty to friends just as my loyalty to Bezop resulted in this decision as I am with Bezop for the long haul. I will only leave Bezop if the community requests or the senior management team demands it of me. Barring that, I’m not going anywhere. Thank you, and please accept my apology for the confusion my recent decision caused. I hope this straightens everything out.