Bezop Update 31st August 2018

Bezop Announcement



The bezop team is happy to announce that the development of the test network based on ethereum GETH is ready.

The bezop test network is based on Proof of Authority mechanism & in the coming days we will release the following to the public.

  1. Network monitor
  2. Block Explorer
  3. Wallet utility
  4. Node Utility


We are in the final stages of the development of the world’s first Decentralized Ecommerce platform where transactions are settled on the blockchain.

The bezop dom is incredibly complex to code & we are bringing the very best quality in design, security & performance to the market.

We have introduced a few new structural change to bezop dom’s structure

  1. Product Approval — Products listed on the DOM by vendors will have to pass through approval by other vendors.

This will allow the platform to filter out bad & junk products. Vendors who participate in approval of products will be rewarded with points.

Points will be used on the platform for advertising and optimized visibility in search.

2 Customers can now pay in BTC & ETH -

We have adapted bezop DOM to accept BTC & ETH currencies as well.

All purchases received in other cryptocurrencies other than the native token BEZ will be automatically converted to bez through exchange apis to directly provide demand for bezop on exchange ( Volume )

3 Refunds can only be issued in bezop

4 Initial Launch pricing structure : to really break into the ecommerce space we have to come out with an incredible value proposition coupled with great marketing. Our first 1000–3,000 vendors will have transaction fee disabled on their account for 90 days. they will only pay a one-time fee between $47 — $197 based on expected transaction volume.

5 Bezop Communities First 50,000 Vendors will have access to some incredibly limited features!


To make bezop even easier to use, far less expensive to access, and very lucrative for the merchants,jump on board now.

Furthermore,we shall be working on various mobile apps to help bezop penetrate all cadres of device spaces.

Bezop mobile apps will be full-featured e-commerce systems that will remain extraordinarily easy to use, easy to configure, simple to purchase products, highly secure, yet fully transparent.You sure can’t beat the reach!


If there is one lesson to learn in crypto, it is that price has little to do with how hard you work, your value proposition as well as your goal to move the space closer to mass adoption.

Price is purely a function of HYPE cum profit speculation.

There is also very little true demand or Purpose of many actual tokens, commodities or securities being traded in the crypto space.

In that sense the price simply cannot form true bottoms & tops.


Corrupt Exchanges are commonly known for their huge support for SH*TCOINS, Pump and dumps, Lending Platforms & fake tokens, exhorbitant withdrawal & transaction fees, outrageous listing fees, completely centralized. Even organizing fake & ridiculous KYC which are targeted at blocking top traders account to allow them steal funds from their very own customers.

Exchange who meet more of these criteria tend to be fantastically corrupt, they hide in the facade of huge volume.

One such exchange is HITBTC.COM , with a rating of 1/10 on our list.

Hitbtc charged bezop 220,000usd to list our token on 3 trading pairs.

Recently Mcafee Alliance took notice that hitbtc charges anywhere between $15-$30 to withdraw tokens the alliance requested a reduction of this fee to something reasonable and hitbtc’s response was to delist bezop token without any valid reason , they also blocked out trading account with them which had over 7btc worth of crypto asset without reason.

Hitbtc has till date not responded to any of our several emails querying why bezop was delisted,

They have not provided any substantial reason to both our CEO as well as the bezop team, as to why our trading account was suddenly disabled

Hitbtc has been a culprit of crypto-currency corruption, Fraud & we are warning everyone to stay away from this exchange.


We would like to announce that bezop is now listed on

Big thanks to Mcafee Team & Executive Jimmy watson


“There is way too much money flying around in the crypto-space, yet people tend to disregard the importance of security” — Scott F.

The most common fraud in crypto now is a well trusted inhouse team members making away

with millions of tokens.

The price dump of bezop is mostly as a result of stolen tokens being sold at cheap rates

We however have diluted the criminals supply to almost zero and we believe the bear market for bezop is nearing an END.

Bezop team would also like to state clearly that there is no explanation on earth that will suffice,to take what doesn’t belong to you.

In the strongest of terms,we totally decry the actions of Mcafee’s trusted treasurer who made away with millions of dollars worth of token position,solely for John Mcafee.Hence,we ask the individual concerned to see an end on his road and take a turn to do the needful as we and all our partners will NEVER allow such criminality to go on. The crypto space has no room for crooks.


Following all the updates mentioned in this announcement we will be reflecting changes to the bezop whitepaper & Roadmap


  • Bezop has aquired will be the home place for the bezop exchange.

*The development of bezex will help the cryptocommunity battle corrupt centralized exchanges.

*Bezex will help liquidity to flow to great tokens.

*With bezex we will end the ERA of ridiculous listing fees & shut down the activities of pump & dumps (SHITCOINS)

*Bezex will Provide full transparency to everyone to prevent market manipulation

( more details soon ).


Token Generation Event

Scheduled : September-2018 00:00:00 AM +UTC

Type : ERC20

Block Height : N/A

Event Tx Hash : N/A

Proposed Symbol — $BEZX / $BXT

Initial tokens valuation : 116,000,000 USD

Total token : 1,097,002,000 Tokens


Hiring, Planning , Development of the Exchange Frontend , Backend , Exchange Api layers

September — October


November — December 2018