SEASONS GREETINGS Bezop community !

( From : Open Letter From Bezop CEO )

Today is a great day for me. It is a day of consummate joy, passion and gratitude to God for making the bezop project a great success in its first year.

All wouldn’t have happened without the help of our beloved bezop community members who stayed strong with us in the calm as well as the storm. Talk of the great champs who will stay with us going forward!!!

We pronounce the bezop project a great success TODAY because we have gone from a mere idea on a whitepaper, to developing a-4-layered app which is currently at beta.

Truly the stars are aligned for bezop .

Patiently, we await these last few stages viz:

  • Last lap of the beta testing.
  • The unstoppable BEZOP app to reach production grade.
  • Finally,the MEGA-launch of BEZOP ECOMMERCE .

So far,we have invested more time and effort in Testing,Research and Development and here’s why;

1 . We want bezop to be as self sustaining, automated , reliable as possible with little requirement for an intermediary to run in centralised payments area.

  • For fiat settlements a bezop settlement staff may be needed to confirm withdrawals, this is the expected trade-off of processing fiat.
  • We could also need our members of staff to handle vendor related concerns,support and other Dom activities.
  • We are also testing the bezop app thoroughly to ensure we reach production grade before a final launch.


The Bezop app now has a publicly available statistics calculated for all transactions happening on the dom.

This statistics is live at

You can now openly track

sales statics,traffic,vendor aggregated stats,order growth, live disputes,products as well as that of inventory.

What Have We Achieved In the Last 30 days ?

Our latest update of the bezop beta, was achieved in 30 days and costed 800 man hours in dev resource.

Here’s what has changed in the latest Online Build ( ChangeLog ).


Search Page:

  • Enhanced search to make use of elastic search

Product Page:

  • Fixed ‘product tied to vendor in the URL bug’ to actually verify the vendor from the product information and offer redirection to the customer.
  • Made review on products page enforce a star rating to avoid page crash.
  • Completed the Product page from the UI mock-up, and also made some minor modifications (2018–11–29).
  • Fixed breaking products page ‘when customer is not signed in’, in order to fetch tickets for messages (10–12–2018).
  • Aligned products page contents to the centre of smaller screens (10–12–2018).
  • Made vendors’ logo designs appear on the vendors’ profile page while their slogans appear on product page instead of the quantity of products sold (12–12–2018).

Statistics Page:

  • Zeroed out statistics page data,(10–12–2018).
  • Added a Statistics page to display the e-commerce metrics and also created a route for it,( 2018–11–30).

Checkout Page:

  • We had made currency exchange rates fetch from a third-party in order to have up to date data.
  • For cryptocurrency payments, saved transaction details such as transaction hash, etc to the database
  • Integrated flutter wave payment gateway to allow for fiat payments (2018–12–03)
  • Added new Currency helper method to make use of the API for BEZ, ETH, and BTC exchange rates (10–12–2018)
  • Made correct product quantity show on payments page and also made the price of each product show on the Checkout page instead of the vendor’s total price (10–12–2018).
  • Added validation to shipment information form (11–12–2018).
  • We were able to assign different Order numbers if they belonged to different vendors (13–12–2018).
  • Made customer able to pay with balance and this finds the difference. However, if the balance is greater than the total, the user pays only 10 units of the selected currency (17–12–2018)

Vendor Dashboard:

  • Created Support tickets interface for customer profile and vendor dashboard
  • Populated Realtime data for stats chart (2018–12–15)
  • Created a new Tab on the Dashboard called Analytics to display the vendor’s metrics (2018–12–08)
  • Made some modifications to the Vendor’s dashboard as well as improved on the UI for the charts (2018–12–07).
  • Fixed infinite reload bug after a vendor activates a contract address.
  • Migrated vendor contract deployment and activation to the frontend app.
  • Prevented vendor email, country, domain and business name change after set (11–12–2018).
  • We created Shipment Templates Navigation Tab and connected it to the backend (12–12–2018).
  • Also created Settlement user interface on the vendor’s dashboard (14–12–2018).
  • Added debit and credit total to settlement screens (17–12–2018).

Products Creation Page:

- Added product colour options on product page (2018–12–16).


  • Modified metamask rejection message.
  • Upgraded MetaMask authentication to handle privacy modes.


  • Removed user profile from local storage; encrypted every other data which may be stored there such as: access token, current order, cart items, products to be compared and the wishlists.
  • Made Navpills component dispatch the active tab index.
  • Added Search capability to the enhanced table component.
  • Removed all console log messages from the frontend (11–12–2018).
  • Fixed material-UI warnings and also refactored the cart page UI not to use tables (11–12–2018).
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Renamed `getIdFromToken` in the src/components/Auth/AccessControl.jsx file to `getUserId`. This also comes with a change of parameter from accepting an access token to accepting only the user type Ex. customer, vendor, admin. (13–12–2018)
  • BREAKING: Moved route to get user data from `users/user` to `users/:userId` so as to double-check the user (13–12–2018).
  • Moved product approval from vendors dashboard to admins dashboard (13–12–2018).
  • Made customer, vendor, and admin email fields disabled (frontend),if it had been set (13–12–2018).
  • Made enhanced table component show message when no data is available (15–12–2018).
  • Added search to all Components using the Enhanced Table components (16–12–2018)
  • Changed Bezop white logo on white backgrounds to blue logos (17–12–2018)

Order Page:

  • Created TimerView Component for orders and also offer customers an option to escalate the Order if the time period is elapsed.
  • Added “Continue to Payment” button to customer order details for Orders that have not been paid for.
  • Added Alert Dialog to confirm order escalation for customers (10–12–2018)
  • Vendors can now print shipping labels for an order or multiple shipping labels as template (11–12–2018).
  • Added escalate button to Order details page (15–12–2018)

Landing Page:

  • Added check to LandingPageLinks and LeftLinks components to check if pathname is /, then make the help colour white, else black (17–12–2018).

Customer Profile:

  • Made customer notification work,
  • Changed customers orders,wishlists as well as tickets, to use the Enhanced table components,
  • Created details page for customer orders, wishlists and tickets with API fetch methods,
  • Prevented customer email change after set (11–12–2018),
  • Created customer settlement User Interface (15–12–2018),
  • Added debit and credit total to settlement screens (17–12–2018).

Discussion Board:

  • Created a discussion board for vendors and customers alike.

Admin Profile Page:

  • Made admin profile data fetch from database instead of local storage which caused it to return empty data because the data has been removed (13–12–2018).


Server File:

  • Added database reconnection options, increase socket pool size and also maximum number of time for a socket to timeout (10–12–2018)
  • Scheduled cron job to run every first second of every first minute every hour to move orders to the next stage if they are due (14–12–2018)

Auth API:

  • Expose userEmail in res.locals in backend to aid email check (11–12–2018).
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Enabled access token encryption on the server,using the client user agent and to accept language header fields where attached,to access tokens to tie them to devices. Exposed user Id on the return object from the server to save in local storage, though it is encrypted. NOTE: This change will render every access tokens that were issued prior to this change invalid. (12–12–2018).

Discussion API:

  • Added ‘check in Order’ discussion creation route to first check if an order is not in the available stage before sending a message for the backend (15–12–2018).

Orders API:

  • Added new route to update multiple orders (10–12–2018).
  • Aggregated multiple fiat orders into one payment (10–12–2018).
  • Changed Order model fulfilled property,to stage which is a string property and expects any of pending, fulfilled, completed or available. This represents the different stages of the Order. We also, added escalated property to the Order model (13–12–2018).
  • Created Order controller methods which are called by the cron job to move Orders to the next stage if they are due (14–12–2018).
  • Cron job moves an Order to the available stage also changes its status to delivered (15–12–2018)
  • Added filter in the Order controller methods, to only allow updates to Orders that had not been cancelled (15–12–2018).
  • Created fiat payment route with server-side verification for flutter wave payments (16–12–2018).
  • Hid Orders-controller-method for updating multiple orders with same payload from outside files (not exported anymore) (16–12–2018)

Tickets API:

  • Added new controller method for Ticket (closeTicket()) which is called by the Order cron job to close a ticket when it moves to the available stage (15–12–2018).

Shipment Templates API:

  • Created routes and controller methods for product shipment templates (12–12–2018).

Settlements API:

  • Created Settlements API routes and controller methods along with the model and initialization file for vendors. (13–12–2018)
  • Extended settlement API to include customers too (15–12–2018).


  • Removed all console log messages from backend and also remove redundant ‘elasticsearch’ API directory (11–12–2018).


From the inner recesses of my heart, I wish to thank each and every member of the bezop community, our extremely smart engineering team, who have invested so much time and effort in working closely with us to produce an app that transcends excellence and can beat any existing ecommerce app! There indefatigable dedication can only be defined with one word ( BLAZING ).

They have undoubtedly done us proud. We have all profited from their constant advice on our ever active telegram group . In appreciation of all the efforts put in so far, the Bezop community will at the earliest opportunity engage in a live call or chat with the team.

Best wishes,

Blaze Ubah