Weekly Report

May 26, 2018

The past two weeks the team has been quietly working on our objectives and company roadmap. While we continue to stay well ahead of our roadmap, we are focused on two objectives — 1) get the platform ready for production use, and 2) design and build our own network to replace the use of the existing Ethereum platform.

Today, we’ll be providing updates on the following activities:

· Announcements

· Marketing

· Product Development and Performance to Roadmap

· Summary


Last week, our team prepared for the second round with Branson’s VOOM competition. A week ago, Monday, on stage, in London, our team, was scheduled to present in the semi-finals of the competition! Unfortunately, the conference organizers were so disorganized that we didn’t receive notice of the physical location late the night before and we didn’t receive notice that we had actually qualified and were presenting until 20 minutes before we were due to go on stage. The entire process was extraordinarily disappointing as we worked hard to prepare and were not given a legitimate shot at presenting — twenty minutes to get someone to their location, even if we were already pre-staged in London for the competition, would have been impossible to do.

This past week, well, we are back to the grind. We will, soon, be announcing our new PR partner. We continue to close on the production version of the platform and beginning the development of our network. We are also pleased to introduce a new exchange partner — sistemkoin (https://sistemkoin.com/#/)

Otherwise, we continued to work on the product, the network and preparing to launch a major PR initiative.


These are the initiatives being worked on by the marketing team:

· Spent the week preparing for Monday in the UK where we will be going live, on-stage, to present with dozens of other competitors for the right to go to the semi-finals. For more information, see VOOM! (Turned out to be a disaster due to grossly substandard event management, in our view)

· Working with our new PR company on the necessary planning to support one primary initiative — the support of Bezop and raising its profile in the market.

Product Development & Performance to Roadmap

We continue to charge ahead of our schedule as exhibited by our existing roadmap. We released an update to our beta product last week and will continue to roll out bug fixes and minor design changes as we continue to test.

· Continue BETA test

· Beginning initial design work on the Bezop network


The previous week had been primarily focused on preparations for the VOOM! on-stage event in London on Monday, May 21, 2018. This past week was focused on planning out our upcoming PR initiatives, continuing to build out our list of Exchanges (again, added a new exchange partner — sistemkoin (https://sistemkoin.com/#/)).