Weekly Report

June 23, 2018

I recently read an interesting article that renewed my hope in the powerful return of the market for us all. The article was a discussion about an impending release of a massive upgrade to Bitcoin that will finally resolve many of the issues that have impeded its use as a fully functional currency — it’s extremely slow speed and high cost. That’s all about to change. This one critical change will mean that Bitcoin will become fully functional as a currency. It will be as easy to use as credit cards. Think about that. When businesses fully realize the implications of this, they will rush to use it. When businesses begin to use it, the doors open wide for us; and then, consumers will be able to buy anything and everything and the value of bitcoin will soar; and, as we know by experience, when bitcoin begins to soar, so will many of the other currencies along with it.

We are working furiously to be ready to take advantage of the upcoming storm. Are you?

Today, we’ll be providing updates on the following activities:

· Announcements

· Marketing

· Public Relations

· Product Development and Performance to Roadmap

· Summary


Next week, we will be announcing an important update with our product so be sure to stay tuned. We are making tremendous progress with our product and incorporating all the valuable feedback we continue to receive. Thanks to our PR team’s outreach, we received valuable input from CoinAnnouncer and AltCoinToday.

Marital Bliss!

Help us congratulate our eCommerce giant, Kevin Byrne. Kevin just got married!

John McAfee Recovering…

John stakes his claim in the crypto space and plans on incorporating that as a major aspect of his Presidential platform in 2020. Of course, we all have to work hard to keep him safe. According to John, his enemies just tried to bring about his demise. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/millionnaire-tech-mogul-john-mcafee-claims-incompetent-enemies-tried-kill-175816756.html.

Finally, we will be announcing another new exchange. We are in the final stages of negotiations and expect to make the announcement very soon.


Thanks to the efforts of our marketing team, we’ve experienced over a 50% growth in our Telegram community. Also, we are open to YouTube interviews and reviews by interested YouTubers. To contact us regarding these opportunities with us, just write us at research@bezop.io.

Product Development & Performance to Roadmap

As we continue our Beta testing, we continue to receive valuable input. We are focused on stabilization and feature enhancements. Any and all input is valued.

CTO UPDATE, several months back, I ruptured a disc in my back between L3-L4. The MRI revealed the ruptured disc and a stress fracture. Following exhaustive reviews by a number of surgeons, the consensus opinion was to set aside surgery and follow a more conservative approach. They are systematically going in and blocking the nerve pathways to the brain using a procedure called Radio Frequency Ablation therapy. They just completed the lower back. Next, they will be doing my neck and then the thoracic region. The great good news is this — the procedures are working, and I am already back to 80% physical function now with expectation for a full recovery. Even better news, I’ve been back to work for several weeks without the need of any mentally debilitating drugs; in other words, work-wise, it’s full steam ahead!

Despite my short-term absence, the team continues to make tremendous strides forward. Our product is truly going to dominate the market in the years to come — thanks to all involved.


McAfee recovering in hospital but still focused as ever on cryptocurrency space. Plans to run for President in the 2020 term.

CTO suffered a ruptured disc temporarily removing him from action…but he’s fast-tracking his return to action.

Important announcement coming next week

New exchange to be announced soon — wrapping up negotiations right now.

Telegram has grown by 50%.

Looking for YouTube product reviewers, YouTube interviewers — just reach out to us a research@bezop.io.

There couldn’t be a better time to get involved with Bezop than now. There are changes outside of our immediate control that will have a major positive impact on our offering. Are you ready?