Weekly Report

May 5, 2018


Since the end of the ICO, we have released a fully operational ecommerce system into the market with a fully functional smart contract. There is no other ICO in existence that can make that claim in a five-month period. Second, do we have some business issues that we have to deal with, yes, what company doesn’t? — and we’re dealing with them.

We’ve built scarcity into our business model. As our e-commerce platform takes hold and we build up the number of merchants that begin to use it to conduct their business, that scarcity model will serve to do only one thing — increase the demand for the Bez.

Vote for us with Voom, participate in our programs and help us to drive the value of the token, and long-term watch as our scarcity model kicks in and along with the totality of everyone’s actions will only serve to increase the cost of the Bez.

Today, we’ll be providing updates on the following activities:

· Announcements

· Marketing

· Product Development and Performance to Roadmap

· Summary


We’ve spoken with one PR firm and am in contact with three others. Once we get all the proposals in, we will make a decision on team and direction.

Bounty Reconsideration Program

We acknowledge that perhaps there were some misunderstandings between what was expected by us and what was rolled out by the contractor managing our Bounty Program. Therefore, we are rolling out a Bounty Reconsideration Program.

We are extremely focused on doing what we can to bolster our operations. Increase the level and quality of communications into the market and drive value through business development in regard to bringing in merchants to begin evaluating our platform.

As previously mentioned, we’ve applied to and are waiting on Voom 2018!

We’ve added two more exchanges — Coinbene and Exrates!


We are actively interviewing PR firms to bring in a firm we think fits with our decentralized operations and that truly understands the crypto world. We should make a decision within the next couple of weeks.

The Bounty Reconsideration Program

Did you participate in the bounty program only, in the end, not to get paid because it wasn’t to expected standards? Well, we recognize that there was a cosmic shift between what we expected to be done versus what the Bounty contractor rolled out. THEREFORE…

We are going to look at all of the bounty re-submissions and pick the top 50 re-submissions. The cap is 1000Bez. Resubmit your spreadsheets to admin@bezop.io and we will re-evaluate and pay out on the top 50 performances. So, get your spreadsheets in for a shot at another 1000 Bez.

Air Drop Program

We are still working on the planning behind our Airdrop program so just stay tuned and we’ll announce as soon as it’s ready. If you haven’t already done so, we need your vote for Voom! Right now, we are in the top 20. We need to be in the top five (5) and we need your help getting there. You can vote twice — once in LinkedIn and once in Facebook. We need both of your votes!!

5,000 bezop-virgin raffle!
 Please note that once you cast your vote, you will be marked as eligible to receive 5,000 Bezops in our BEZOP-VIRGIN raffle. When we finish in the top five (5), ten (10) lucky winners will emerge for the raffle.
 To join raffle!
 1 — Vote with Facebook and LinkedIn

Place “Voom” Vote!
 2 — Simply send your LinkedIn username and ether wallet address to info@bezop.io

Finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, go check out our new video at Bezop e-Commerce.

Product Development & Performance to Roadmap

We are continuing to make great progress on our development efforts as we continue to stay ahead of our Road Map. If you haven’t gone in and checked out our e-commerce application, you really should.

We continue to make steady progress and you need to get in it to see it.


Look folks, I know you are seriously concerned about the token. I am serious when I tell you that you need to take a long-term view. If you take a short view, you will only lose instead of digging deeper to see what’s really going on and the progress that’s both been made and being made on the project. No other ICO has accomplished as much in as little time as we have. Things will only begin to accelerate. More importantly, the key to everything is in the built-in scarcity model. Once the product is fully released and merchants begin to use the system and as time progresses and the usage grows, our scarcity model will grab hold and the bez will naturally become more expensive. We’re here for the long-term.