Weekly Report

April 21, 2018

As many of you have seen (we’re currently in 14th place), we’ve got a realistic shot at Voom 2018 with the Virgin Media Group — you just need to vote for it. Talk about a shot in the arm (if we could pull that off with your help)! So, what’s this all about? The competition is a chance to pitch for public votes, make Bezop famous, and wow Richard Branson himself to win a share of £1 million in prizes. With two main categories and a host of special awards, it’s a chance for anyone with a great idea to win. For Bezop, it’s a chance to get the public’s attention on what, quite frankly, is the best e-commerce platform for the small business entrepreneur.

We need your votes. We need the votes of your friends. Get the word out — this level of visibility on Bezop would have the power to drive visibility and value.

Today, we’ll be providing updates on the following activities:

· Announcements

· Marketing

· Product Development and Performance to Roadmap

· Summary


Okay, so we’ve told you about Voom 2018! We are still waiting on responses to our exchange applications. Just a reminder — this is not in our control. We’ve begun our research into our network design as we continue to make steady progress with our beta platform. As mentioned during our live webinar last week, we are putting out the call for proposals. That’s right — this is your opportunity to get truly engaged and to get your idea(s) monetized and incorporated into Bezop e-commerce. Finally, our new marketing video is out. It’s just the beginning of what’s to come once the market bulls begin to run.


We are still working on the planning behind our Airdrop program so just stay tuned and we’ll announce as soon as it’s ready. Of course, you’ve already read about Voom! Both here, online and in the investor letter that went out to all of you. We need your votes. Finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, go check out our new video at Bezop e-Commerce.

Product Development & Performance to Roadmap

We continue to charge ahead of our schedule as exhibited by our existing roadmap. We released an update to our beta product last week and will continue to roll out bug fixes and minor design changes as we continue to test. Be sure to check it out. We are formally kicking off a research phase into the development of our very own network and will keep you posted as we make progress on that front.


Okay, guys, not a lot of big news in this week’s report. We just continue to push forward with product development ahead of our roadmap and work on the planning of our marketing efforts for when the market begins its serious and committed northward march. We are currently 14th place in the contest! Please be sure to vote for bezop in Virgin Business VOOM! Otherwise, we just keep forging ahead on our plans. Have a great weekend.