The Universe is Right There!


The Milky Way (Credit: Scott Wylie)

The Universe is right there! Look!

It’s right there. Just look up!

And look! We are in it.

The Milky Way and hills (Credit: Forest Wander)

It surrounds us.

We are part of it.

This is our place.

But we wanted to see at night. We didn’t know what we’d lose.

The Earth at Night (Credit: NASA/NOAA)

We took over the planet. Built temples to our own importance. In the name of progress we separated ourselves from the Universe.

Not all of us, though. There are still some communities who can see the stars, who serve to remind the rest of us how civilized we are.

We look down on them with smug self-satisfaction from our concrete cubes.

The Milky Way over LA (Photo Illustration by Thierry Cohen/Danziger Gallery)

The Universe is right there, but lost.

And wherever we go, we are in it.

Wherever I am, this is my place.

But I will forget.