BOLTON — BFCL tokens distributed

The distribution of BFCL tokens to investors and Bounty hunters, even in advance based on the business plan, it has been accomplished on Apr 6th 2019.

To the Bounty hunters:
the BFCL tokens are visible on dashboard (and through but, as per initial conditions, it will not be possible to move till next 6 months.

To the investors and networks:
BFCL tokens have been distributed on "deposit wallet platinum" comprehensive of the compounded profits related to the Q1 2019 (Jan 1st to March 31st).

development Team was not able to transfer to Just few addresses not matching their dashboards. We are contacting via email directly those customers in order to fix the mismatch.

Please, if you didn’t receive the BFCL tokens by now, let admins know via telegram chat:


Dashboards with Addresses still not trustable and kyc not performed, by April 30th, they will no longer receive tokens.