Bolton Coin Bounty campaign has already reached its goal and it will be suspended on March 3rd.

Bounty team is working hard on stake assignment. Who does not meet the eligibility criteria, will not receive stakes.

Company is launching new marketing campaigns, so the amount of tokens to devide among the Bounty hunters has been Decided to be 100.000 BFCL.

This prize has been calculated taking in the count the effort made by the Bounty hunters in their 2 months promotion, where the Company rised around 12 mlns usd in private sale.

BFCL tokens will be delivered on each dashboard.

To access the dashboard you need to whiteliste through this ref. Link :

Make sure the email used for Whitelist reflects the email registered in the BOUNTY spreadsheet. If it doesn’t, you need to whiteliste again.

If you are already whitelisted, paste the link during the KYC process.

In order to receive the BFCL tokens, you need to pass the kyc process.

During the KYC process, you need to paste the same link ( in the REFERRAL box.

BFCL distribution starts on Apr 1st. BFCL tokens will be locked for 6 months on dashboard, with the only option to apply to the 24 months staking plan.

All other Informations regarding Bolton Coin STO, depicted anywhere else than this message, have to be considered obsolete.

For further info join Bounty chat: