Recovering from Mozfest

Bethanie Fentiman

So, following on from my last story/post/whatever these things are called?

How did it go? Well, umm… yeah, ha OK? That’s all I can really say to that. Needless to say some parts went really well and other parts went shockingly badly and me being me, I’ll focus on the terrible bits.

Well Friday, for me, mostly consisted off setting up the two Raspberry Pi rooms and then sneaking off to the Demo Party without Andrew knowing so that I didn’t make the mistake I did last year and not see other things at the festival. So I took the opportunity on the Friday night to see a large percentage of stuff as I knew my opportunities throughout the weekend were going to be limited. So that’s one improvement on last year! :)

The rest of the weekend mostly consisted of running around like headless chickens, drinking far too much caffeine and debating on whether or not to buy Andrew a comedy present to beat last years, (Potatoes and sugar in a Christmas stocking — Don’t ask!) which we decided against due to lack of time.

Exhibit A — Andrew
Picture from Sam Stuart — Our favourite people over the weekend #foxybarista

Although the group (ish) pizza meal on the Saturday did calm us all down a bit, well as much as lack of sleep and pizza is going to do.

Pizza (obviously)
Obviously I met all of this mad crew!

Over the weekend I learnt that running workshops isn’t me thing and I should stick with organising people as that seems to work better.

The main things I took away from Mozfest were lack of sleep and flu, along with some new friends and contacts.

I would probably come back next year — Mozfest or Disney? Hard choice!

Pictures from Vincent Lee

Bethanie Fentiman

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19 year old who's obsessed with Disney and wants to go to all the Disney Parks around the world

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