7 facts you need to know about BFEX Bank Future Exchange

To compare BFEX as a person, right now we might be an unfamiliar face. So here we are, giving you 7 facts about us and hope to make friends with you.

  1. BFEX cares: BFEX uses ERC-223 standard to prevent token loss by possible human errors; namely transferring to a wrong address. We understand that the mechanism of digital currency could puzzle new users, adapting ERC-223 can potentially decrease the number of losses for our clients with lesser gas.
  2. BFEX observes: Our intention to solve the problem of the unbanked, as given the statistics by The WorldBank 2017 and our technological advancement, we will be able to play a part in tackling this problem.
  3. BFEX understands: BFEX uses our own Decentralised Scoring to give opportunity to those who are not granted the deserved financial resource. This system will also motivate users to become more financially responsible and improve their credibility.
  4. BFEX innovates: BFEX develops the first peer-2-peer lending platform to use hybrid system; using both Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum, to allow more effective transaction.
  5. BFEX protects: As mentioned above that we use Hyperledger Fabric which allows us to protect our lenders’ safety, as we are a financial platform and confidentiality is thus, a significant matter.
  6. BFEX gives: Our token distribution for our bounty campaigns covers right now 13 Million BFEX tokens. As we’re a generating our tokens as ‘utility token’, creating a community is very important for every and each of our member gets a chance to hold the BFEX token.
  7. BFEX is open for partnership: We’re looking for a bigger and warmer community. As BFEX has collected many partners from Bangkok, one of the world’s most touristic locations, if growing in the same rate around the world; BFEX tokens are expected to have high utility.

Join our telegram: https://t.me/BfexOfficial or visit our official page: bfex.io

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