Prepare for BFEX grand opening, our pre-sale and brand new website will be launched on the 1st of May 2018.

We believe in the world of ‘decentralised happiness’. Our tool to changing this world will be our P2P lending system that not only provides decentralised lending system for people, who are not granted with the same financial opportunity, but also a new criteria for our lending platform:

DSTCS ( Decentralized Scoring)

Our platform also considers giving back to the society, providing them a platform for more convenient payment with generous privileges: BPAY application.

Starting in Bangkok as our first business model implementation, we’re focusing on the city that never sleeps, where expats travel all year long.

Our partners have expanded across various industries, from hotels in Samui to luxurious jewellery store in Bangkok.

Follow us for our recent updates:

A futuristic platform that provides opportunity and intends to redistribute power back to where it belongs.

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