BFEX Official Announcement: Token Distribution and Updated Timeline

Due to the change of climate within the crypto market space, successful ICOs have been facing a dump, or a downward trend, of 40% — 99% right as they enter the market. This neither favor the interests of our investors nor ours as much we would like to maintain the benefits for our contributors. Furthermore, the requirement of the market has changed for the ICO startups to strive through the market fluctuations. Not only is an MVP needed, but so do major investments from venture capitalists ahead of launching an ICO. With these factors being considered, BFEX deemed it best to postpone the BFEX pre-sale and public sale, which will be followed by minor changes regarding the BFEX application and MVP development.

In the past several months, BFEX has been focusing on two things: MVP development and venture capitalists, investors, and partners relations. More specifically, BFEX has started its MVP development process, which is expected to be completed by December, 2018. We have also been approaching potential VCs and investors, both domestically and internationally, and will continue to do so as we develop the MVP and prepare for the upcoming crowd-sale.

BFEX would also like to personally thank our investors who have contributed to the project earlier. Your contributions not only make an impact but also encourage us to do our very best and to deliver the best services and platform to our customers. We would like to assure you that we will continue to march forward with our mission and vision. As a personal thank to our early investors, we will be offering an extra 10% from your investment.

As for the BFEX community who participated in our various games and activities, you will receive the tokens as soon as our MVP is completed. You may register within the BFEX MVP where our tokens will be distributed.

We are looking forward to announce more good news along with our updates in the coming months. For more information on the updated timeline, please visit or see the table below.