Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai with BFEX Co-Founder: Daniel Jaeger.

Dubai hosted the two-day event Future Blockchain Summit who brought together over 7,000 chiefs of industry and visionary technologists from around the world to accelerate blockchain application in Dubai and beyond.

Focused on moving beyond technical feasibility and theories, the conference with over 70 sessions dives deep into real-world applications, creating opportunities and catalysing adoption across a range of sectors.

One of the co-founders “Daniel Jaeger” was on site to explore the latest topics and trends in the game changing technology.

The blockchain will transform the whole industry like the aircraft did it years ago. And take away from the summit is, that there is a huge transformation in place already and the governments are also open to drive this change beyond.

With BFEX we see that we are on the right track in the right time. Nowadays where everybody has a smartphone or can buy one for less than $ 10.- and get access to the financial service very easily. Means in other words they gather access to markets and money.

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