You’ve founded a startup, you’ve got some traction, and you’ve raised some money. That’s the easy part (trust me!) — now how do you take that early traction and turn it into a successful hypergrowth company?

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This is where good Product Management is critical, but inevitably there comes a time when a founder runs out of time or experience in scaling and growing a product function. Before this happens you need to hire a more experienced product leader to take the reins.

Even if you’re one of those rare unicorns who combines being a founder, CEO, and product visionary you…

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The MVP is dead. Long live the RAT.

There is a flaw at the heart of the term Minimum Viable Product: it’s not a product. Rik Higham argues that we should ditch MVPs and focus on testing assumptions.
Long live Riskiest Assumption Tests

Product Manager vs Product Owner

Melissa Perri unpacks the differences between product managers…

The one mistake Ben Horowitz made?

When Ben Horowitz wrote his groundbreaking memo good product manager, bad product manager nearly 20 years ago he described a product manager as the CEO of the product. While this has gotten a lot of people excited about the job I couldn’t disagree more.

Unless you’re the founder and the product manager at the same time, you are not the CEO of anything.

While you could argue that a product manager is responsible for the success or failure of a product in much the same way the CEO is responsible for the success of the business, even that similarity stretches…

Every week we curate the best product management, design, and development content from across the web into our weekly product management newsletter Prioritised. As a great way to catch up on what you missed in 2016 and start the new year full of great new insights, here are the top 10 most read pieces from the last 52 weeks of newsletter curation.

8 Mistakes You’ll Make as a Product Manager

Rich Mironov highlights some mistakes most first-time product managers make — even after coursework, certificates, and online tutorials.
The trick is to only do them once…

9 Useful Apps for Product Managers

If you’re looking for applications to help make your workflow more…

Product Management as a role has moved on in leaps and bounds over the past 5 years. As the number of people at our Mind the Product conferences and in our global ProductTank meetup community proves — it’s a skill and a job that more and more companies understand, appreciate, and seek out.

But why is that?

Video version of this article, from my introduction at Mind the Product London 2016

It was also five years ago that Marc Andreessen first posited his famous statement “software is eating the world”.

I think we can safely say this has been borne…

How Brexit took away my home

A week has passed and I’m still stunned by the Brexit vote and disheartened at the chaos and hate that has followed.

What upsets me the most is that despite having lived in the UK for nearly 16 years, paid taxes, built a business, and helped make London the global epicentre of my industry I had no say in the matter. I had no vote. Along with 3 million other EU citizens resident in the UK, who make up 6.6% of the workforce, I am disenfranchised and suddenly face having my home and my rights stripped from me.

I’m an immigrant?

In my…

Josh Brewer speaking at Mind the Product San Francisco in June 2015

As a 20-year product management veteran and the cofounder and curator of the world’s largest product conference, I often get asked what a product manager is. What do we do? Where do we come from? Why do we like sharpies and post-its so much?

Reflections on first-time success

Last year I decided to put on a conference for product people (product designers, product developers and product managers) because I, as a product manager, wanted a conference to go to and there wasn’t one.

Had I ever put on a conference before? Hell no.Was I scared? Hell yes.

It’s taken me nearly a year to process just how successful Mind the Product - the conference that I pulled off together with a few friends - was. Think I’m being hyperbolic?

We sold out 550 tickets two months before the conference. We started with £4,000 in our bank account and…

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