Why you should have your own Twitter bot, and how to build one in less than 30 minutes
Scott Spence

Hi Scott -

Thank you for posting this tutorial - it’s always nice to nerd out and learn something new and useful!

I’ve run into a problem with my bot, namely, that it isn’t retweeting anything related to my interests. Evidently, the retweeting got so bad (Edit: Not the volume, but the content) that when I woke up this morning, my account was locked out (needed to re-validate in order to gain access and delete/reinstall the app on my phone). I completed all the steps up until “Heroku deployment via GitHub,” as I didn’t see that as a required step.

I can’t post a screenshot of what was retweeted on my account, but suffice it to say it’s NSFW. Here is my queryString (everything else is exactly how it is in the tutorial):

module.exports = {
 queryString: [
 ‘spartan race’

Any help you or anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

  • Ben
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