GitHub as a Fast Track to Interviews

The résumé filtering challenge

Some companies rely on GitHub profiles when evaluating software engineers and dismiss candidates that don’t have one. People tend to have radically different opinions about whether this is a good practice.

Most of the code we write is private

Most developers spend the majority of their time working for companies that don’t really tend to open source software by default. Even personal projects are often kept in private repositories.

Be aware of the pitfalls

Your open source projects should have tests, documentation, contribution guidelines and so forth to actually count. A bunch of trivial and unfinished projects can do more damage than good.

How would a fast track actually work?

Showcasing your coding skills can help getting more visibility during the initial part of an interview process. It’s quite standard to have to complete a dreadful coding exercise prior going through a full interview process. Depending on the position, it might make sense to allow a candidate to skip the coding test if there’s already a bunch of good quality code on his GitHub profile.


You can’t make your hiring process 100% fair, you can just try to improve its effectiveness. The key is trying not to waste everybody’s time by bringing in candidates without the right skill set. Companies tend to compromise and prefer the risk of discarding good candidates rather than hiring bad ones.



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