Brick & mortar, are you really listening?

Consumers passing through — not just paying customers — really matter

Analogous to the oft-quoted Ron Swanson, it is essential now more than ever to understand how all people that enter your establishment feel about their experience.

Nick Offerman, Parks and Recreation

Brands without a CX strategy designed to capture the consumer sentiment are reliant on a method — most likely a survey — that is capable of only understanding customers that purchase.

Customers = an individual that makes a purchase or completes a transaction
Consumers = a person or organization that has the ability to purchase a commodity or service

Consider a simple scenario…
A consumer walks in, browses and leaves without a transaction…why did that occur…what did the brand do wrong…what did the brand do right…what does the brand know about that consumer…most likely nothing.

Brick & mortar is thriving for those brands that have a progressive strategy aimed squarely at understanding the consumer experience. Those ignoring the perception and requirements of consumers are falling behind or are going out-of-business.

As pointed out in prior posts, traditional survey methodologies — while providing significant value when completed — are fraught with challenges.

Brands can ill afford to continue to place all their eggs in the basket of “what worked in the past will work in the future”, far from it. In fact those in brick & mortar — from retail to restaurants to hospitality to entertainment to fitness facilities and beyond — and are combining #CX immediacy with traditional survey data/analytics are winning, and winning big.

There are a lot of ways to say it; find out what you’re missing, uncover the blind spots, see through the consumers’ eyes — take your pick — just don’t get left behind as your competitors take advantage of all options available in measuring and understanding the consumer experience.

Get tech-forward, now.