Life-Changing Affirmations for 2020

Make the new year and the new decade your bitch with these mindset altering self-talk phrases.

Brandi Fleeks
Dec 27, 2019 · 4 min read
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As the new decade approaches many of us are considering ways we’d like our lives to change. Some of us want to make more money or have other financial goals. Others want to develop healthier habits. Still, others have travel, relationship, and career goals.

Affirmations are a powerful tool people use to help them accomplish their goals and hit milestones they set for themselves. They are a form of neurolinguistic programming that allows you to rewire your brain in a more positive way.

Simply put, the words you say to yourself can have positive or negative effects. Positive affirmations are designed to produce positive results.

If you constantly use negative self-talk, you’ll likely have negative experiences and vice-versa. It’s time to level up your life this decade. One piece of the puzzle is positive affirmations. The following affirmations can help you change several areas of your life.

Affirmations for Confidence

It can be hard to press on and keep pushing when faced with adversity. But, you won’t let that stop you from reaching your true potential and succeeding in your goals.

Talent and ability notwithstanding, you can do just about anything you put your mind to.

  1. I am Unstoppable
  2. I Am Limitless
  3. I Can Do Anything I Put My Mind To
  4. I Am Living My Best Life
  5. I Can Achieve All My Dreams

Financial Affirmations

Money is one of the biggest concerns for people in the U.S. We try our best to keep our finances in order while taking care of responsibilities like mortgage/rent, car maintenance, and repairs, and feeding ourselves and our families and while juggling other obligations.

According to the law of attraction, money is fluid. It comes and goes indiscriminately. It’s unbiased, it has no motives and it doesn’t choose who has it and who doesn’t.

But, money should be respected yet put to use. Hoarding money doesn’t allow it to flow. It just sits, which can block your financial blessings. And, while it’s should spend mindfully, being overly frugal, aka cheap, creates a lack mentality.

The following affirmations can help with your money mindset.

  1. Money Flows to Me Easily, Frequently and Abundantly
  2. My Bank Account Constantly Grows
  3. Money Shows Up For Me Unexpectedly
  4. I Have So Much Money I Give It Away
  5. My Income Multiplies Constantly
  6. I am Grateful for All the Money I Currently Have
  7. I Get Paid to Do What I Love
  8. I Love Money and Money Loves Me
  9. I Graciously Accept Monetary Gifts and Surprises
  10. I am Abundant

Affirmations for Health

Your body is the only place you have to live in. If you don’t love it, who will? When you love your body and you fuel it with through healthy eating and exercise, it shows. You feel better, physically and mentally, and you exude confidence.

When you feel good in your skin, it boosts your confidence, creativity, and mood. It also encourages you to continue doing what’s best for your body.

  1. I Take Care of My Body and It Takes Care of Me
  2. I Nourish My Body With Nutritious Foods
  3. My Health and Wellness Are A Priority in My Life
  4. I Love My Body
  5. I am Strong and Getting Stronger Every Day

Career Affirmations

Be it a promotion or a new business venture, your belief in yourself and your abilities will provide you the fuel you need to advance in your career.

You control the quality of your work, the effort you put into it, and the passion you bring to it. The rest is out of your hands. So, work on your mindset to help change what you can, and have faith that your effort with be rewarded.

  1. I am Abundant With Creative Ideas
  2. Success is My Destiny
  3. I Invest in My Myself Through With Books, Courses, and Seminars
  4. Clients Love to Pay Me for My Work
  5. Opportunities Come to Me Easily

Relationship Affirmations

Do you believe you deserve a great relationship? Often, we sabotage ourselves from the things we deserve because we don’t feel worthy of them. Just like being worthy of love, you are worthy of having a healthy, happy relationship.

The following affirmations can help improve your mindset and get your head right regarding relationships.

  1. I Love Myself, and I am Worthy Of Love
  2. I Am Enough
  3. I Deserve to be in a Loving, Nurturing Relationship
  4. My Soulmate Is Wating For Me To Come Into Their Life
  5. My Life Is Great Now, A Relationship Will Just Enhance My Experiences

Travel Affirmations

Even if you’ve never left your hometown, the opportunity to travel is open to you. It just takes a little planning and savvy. Get yourself a passport and make a plan. Research your destinations and discover ways to make it happen no matter what your budget.

You deserve to see the world. These affirmations can help put you in the right frame of mind to get started.

  1. I See The World In All Its Beauty
  2. I am a Jetsetter With an Insatiable Wanderlust
  3. I am Open to New Experiences and Welcome Adventure
  4. I Enjoy Meeting New People
  5. I Enjoy Learning About New Cultures

Create Your Own Affirmations

If none of these resonate with you, create your own affirmations. Use words that empower you, that make you feel good, and that inspire you to take action on your dreams and goals.

The only thing standing in your way is you. Make 2020 the year you outshine yourself.

Brandi Fleeks

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Author, prof. journalist, podcaster. Wine lover. Jewelry maker. Former healthcare professional, fitness coach, and keto dieter.

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