Implementation, and Making Choices

It is a structure of our society to see paths, universally, personally, and implied. These connectivies, as one may pleasantly refer, is the context in which they relay the influence and structure of our lives.

Mentioning this meta-theory exclusively for the following context; choices matter. The choices you make the paths you take, they all culminate to create whom in which you are.

The influence of structure around you, is just that, though inclusively, the how in which you consume these properties, matters most. Depth is the value in consideration, wisdom is the perception of these vestments, and action is the nuanced iteration of your skill to, well, choose.


The path in which you take, the choice you make, implementing any decision, influences your ecosystem, your revolving ability of approximate universal choice, your effective capital, your nuanced form of execution.

All of these are either validated or discriminated by the choice before, present, or past. Saying, choice, as effectively illuminating these notions as a culmination of one path, when in which, there are multitudes; which inherently, also makes you one.

When it comes to valuing the proximity of influences [People, Products, Solutions] one must weigh the perspective value of both positive and negative incomes at a value integral level.

In a sense, the equation of you spending the quarter on a gumball, when you could purchase a trading card with twice that, shifts the pivotal value of such a simple nuance, quite laterally.

Looking at this aforementioned time-freeze, the constitution of the matter in sense, how a small coin, could become a value of indifference so quickly. Sets a perspective tone for a scaled version, and how in which its e/affects apply. Though I am indirectly wrong, I enjoy this term as affluence.


Once ventured the path begins to shape around us, thus enforcing choice, effectively enacting the e/affects of the conclusion in which we have met. Positionally, not all choice has obvious consequence, in which the comfort zone portrays, though in this structure, we seek to establish the equitable version; more so framework.

Divergence, rise, shift… the movement in [Rank, Status, Position] in which we as humans, businesses, and entities all seek, even intrinsically for some, is the spirit behind the idea of valuing choice, weighing outcome, and establishing a framework equitably suited for the version of next.

In any of these metrics there are factors in which are additive and deductive from our ability/ies to conjure and develop outcomes we see fit. If you are looking at the quarter, the knowledge of the card, may have driven an adaptive increase in cash flow, you may have taken it on the bus, and spilled juice on it, you could have kept it and let it sit in the dust.

Any of the outcomes, any of the choices, any of the values, are approximate to the current state you focus/are/becoming. This is the person you are, juxtaposed with your ability to develop attention within the subjects of life and on.


Equivocally, the outlines in which you utter through choice and value, echo into the universe, emitting, your existence. Colliding with your universe, is the parallels of all other choice, in which, composite, aligning your nurturing element to develop either a prosperous or detrimental framework.

The elements form atoms, the structures bond together, a chemical emits, either creating or destroying life. Heuristically this is the framework in which we have evolved from. [Evolutionarily, it is the pattern in which we work hardest to shift.] The studies of Darwin, are applicable textures to the revolution of such mindset, we can change, so in which we should/must/have to.

Adaptively, assuming you follow this path, there is a framework that sorts its way through, or more electively, one in which you develop to creatively solve and elaborate your existence.

Efficiency, is obvious conjecture to this pattern in which you develop, if you can deduce that thus far, it is effectively the logical arrays of challenges against your algorithm for computation, counting the nuances that orbit you, factoring the universe outside.

Your framework is the countermeasure for evaluating functional operations in your network, and riding of attrition that works its way in, where the framework is yet to overlay.


The tedious yielding moment in which you sought, through choice, value, and framework to bring into fruition, inside of your existence, inside your universe. The pendulum swinging in orbit, aside your achievement, version of the equation. This is the focus, in which all the macro equated layers positioned you to reach.

This could be selling that card 5/10/15 years later and finding yourself with a reasonable amount of capital, another choice, another value, another proximate engagement with what most call fate.

Raising capital, incentivizing global shift in markets, determining the position and role you take upon your next venture. It all starts at one choice, followed to the outcome, which leads to the next. Though we equatively factored out all parallel conditions and choices, all metrics of foundation and structure, while seamlessly pausing all other existing instances of being, we did it for this conclusion.

The path you choose, the value you place in your mind, and the network in which you develop to accomplish these activities of self, weigh individually, on the outcome in which you most endearingly pursue.

Factoring all of this, we must collectively unify our own understandings, if not to leverage each other, our own skills, and the time pursuant to that presently available in our own framework.

We are each an own individual, we exist, each to our own self, electively, we interact with micro/macro-agencies to unify or deplete a layer/bridge/construct of value between this choice and the next. Through this structure and through our own, we either evolve, or diminish, it is in this, in these words/thoughts/spectrum, in which we must solve to equatively become a larger presence.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Developing!

Through syntax and evaluation we have explored how in which one/multiple can develop their own awareness.

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