The Tuskegee Airmen fought wars both at home and abroad

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Franklin Roosevelt declared that he would expand the pilot training program in the U.S. in 1938.
Europe was about to enter another war, and the U.S. was preparing for the possibility of another humongous, world-wide war. Roosevelt was also running for his third presidential term. During his campaign, he’d promised to let Black pilots enter the Air Corps.

As we all know, racism and segregation bubbled and boiled at the surface of our nation. It was a widespread belief that Black soldiers were inferior in combat — just as inferior as they believed Black and brown people were in every…

One of John Edgar Hoover and the FBI’s biggest lies

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The Black Panthers were painted as a gang instead of a political party.

What do you think sparked the creation of gangs? Exclusion and danger ignited the fire that birthed gangs. Danger and exclusion also gave founders Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale a reason they couldn’t ignore when founding the Black Panther Party. However, their socialist ideals painted a target on their backs.

The Black Panther Party was founded in 1966 after the assassination of Malcolm X and the killing of Matthew Johnson, a black teenager who was unarmed. Just two years later, they had 2,000 members across the country.

They created the Ten-Point Program, which called for an immediate end to…

It’s overtime without the pay

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I don’t clock in at 8 A.M.
I never clocked out. I glance at the window, eyeballing how much snow we got last night.

The first thing my brain registers is pain. My back is already screaming. I pull myself up and swing my legs over the bed.I stretch in a desperate attempt to hush my back. That’s when I notice the piercing pain on the right side of my temple.

The day will be interesting, to say the least. I work my way downstairs and grab a Monster out of the cardboard case under the kitchen table. I used…

How can you not be overflowing with rage right now?

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People are freezing to death.
Police are literally guarding dumpsters so people can’t get the food out of them. Trump supporters kicked the year off by storming the White House with nothing but insidious intentions. At this very moment, people are on social media cracking jokes about Texas falling apart in front of our eyes. They’re making memes about peoples’ lives being ruined by once-in-a-lifetime weather. How is any of this okay?

Right now, not only are we in the middle of a pandemic but also a weather catastrophe throughout…

The items people don’t always think of that food banks desperately need

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Being able to donate is an opportunity lots of people take pride in having.
I’ve always loved being able to give back. My Nana tells me I got it from my mom every chance she gets.

My mom was one of those people that wouldn’t hesitate to give the shirt off of her back if someone needed it. She was chronically ill and in a lot of pain throughout her whole life. However, she was always donating her time, skills, and resources. …

Breaking all the rules

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A pencil-mustached man with slicked-back hair weaseled himself in between me and my sweetheart Minnie. “Is this cat bothering you?”

“Uh — ,” Minnie started, but he cut her off.

His voice raised just a hair; my ears picked it up. “Don’t worry, darlin’,” he said. “Name’s Aaron.”

My head cocked to the side. I gripped the steel in my pants pocket.

He stuck out his hand for her to shake. She looked to me. I gave her the signal, a slight nod she’s learned to look for. She stepped back. Without taking my eyes from his, I yanked him…

My body is louder than ever, but now I listen.

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I go to the dialysis clinic 3 times a week for 3.5 hour sessions. I get 2 one-day breaks and 1 two-day break in between. However, my life pretty much revolves around being a dialysis patient. Doctors appointments, blood draws, prescription runs, grocery hauls, adult chores, and rest fill up my days. There’s also my cuddly pup Ginger to take care of, my girlfriend, and three kids.

I’ve been a dialysis patient for over a year and a half now. Here are some of the things getting hooked up to a blood — cleaning machine taught me.

Energy is precious…


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