Navigating a dangerous world

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39 trans people have been killed this year as far as we know.
Black trans women are being hunted like deer during hunting season. This the worst year; violence against trans people has skyrocketed. It’s no secret that this has been at least partly fueled by the Trump administration.

Laverne Cox, Emmy nominated actress and activist, was with a friend when they were targeted in a L.A. park. The man asked for the time, then asked if Laverne was a “guy or a girl.” When her friend told him to fuck off, the man started swinging. …

Redemption, Chapter 3

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Julian strained to open the loft’s humongous window. He jabbed a screwdriver into the slender opening between the wall and the window’s edge to keep it open.

With some natural light and a cool breeze making its way inside, he grabbed the new dog bed and dragged it into a patch of sunlight. “Here ya go, Remy.”

Remy’s nose led him all over the small studio space. Julian watched for a moment, then turned away to set up his easel. He gathered everything he thought he might need and dragged a chair to the middle of the open space. The chemical smell of paint eased his mind. …


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War, twisted horrors
Words, flesh-tearing bullets
Trigger, you pulled it

90s RnB rain
It’s pouring now
You giving up, how?
Under your windowpane
Calling your name
Boom box,
On my shoulder
You know these cats don’t know ya
Don’t know me
Like they want to

War, brainwashed warriors
Guns, death on delivery
Trigger, who pulled them?
Hood on, but I ain’t no hoodlum
Praying, don’t let them wreck me
Speeding down a highway
Racing to my driveway
Six lanes, out-pacing my demons
All around, tell an angel to get me
Banging the sides
Expensive rides
Parts, flying by

Trigger, you tried to cull them
Guns, you went behind backs to sell them
War, very seldom
Are fought for humans

Redemption, Chapter 2

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Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

The brisk morning air slapped Julian in the face. He glanced down at the pup. His grey tail wagged rapidly. He scrambled to sit and looked up at Julian, watching his every move.

“You ready to go to the park?” Julian asked. Am I really talking to a dog? Somehow the tail seemed to speed up. With a shrug, Julian said, “Let’s go.”

Leaves of all different shades of gold, orange, and red litter the ground. “I don’t even know what to call you,” he said mostly to himself.

The dog’s body stiffened, throwing Julian off a step. …

A poem

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Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

Pills in a heart shape
Another body behind yellow tape
Another heart broke on a Thursday
Why buy love
In the first place?

Don’t blow my high
Gazing at the sky
Trying to make sense of the clouds
While my thoughts too loud

I can see the moon
From here
Waving at all the stars
Whispering not to fall apart

Moonlight shines
On all my scars
You told me
You could handle the dark
Heart-shaped pills
Straight to the head
Lightning bolt through the chest
Fading from reality
Until there’s nothing left
To see

A poem

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Photo by Dennis Schrader on Unsplash

Paint covered hands
What’s your definition
Of a man?
Does he work his life away?
Or does he live his own way?
Does he grab a chisel and stay?
Sculpt himself
Into something worthy of a statue
Does he light up the room
When he smiles at you?

Mirror, mirror
My eyes
Tell no lies
The smile I wear
Is no mask
And I don’t have any questions
To ask
Just glancing up
To say hi
To the man I’ve become
Notice the new scars
From the battles I’ve won
Mirror, mirror
I’ve just begun

A fictional poem

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Adobe Stock: Jacob Lund

Can’t really focus
On anything
Other than you
Scared to admit
You got me open
Got me hoping
You hand me the key
To your heart
Had me hooked
From the start
Saw you across the room
And wanted nothing but you
Drinks downed
Liquored confidence — a mission to pursue
Words were few
And far between
Jolly ranchers
Swimming in vodka
Drowning in alcohol
Looking for anything but Allah
RnB spilling from the speakers
Stealing touches, kisses, and rubs
As if we snuck under the bleachers
Throw it back for me
Watch me catch it — wide receiver
Look back at me
Got you speaking tongues
No need for a preacher
Drunk in love —
Disguised lust
Locked the guest bedroom door
So we don't have any need to rush
Kissing every inch of you
Leaving no parts untouched

A poem

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Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Heart racing
Rational thoughts fading
Hands shaking
Chest aching

My heart’s racing
Chasing you

Do you got me?
Put my heart in your hands
Will you drop me?
It’s running straight to you
As if it knows
You know just what to do
If I give all of my love
Will you give all yours

My heart is chasing
I’m bracing
For a heartbreaking
You had me at hello
From that first smile
From the time you sat down
And stayed a while
From the time
I gave you my number
And watched you type it all
Cracked phone screens
Walking down memory lane
Seeing where it all begins
Where you first made my world…

A Poem

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Adobe Stock: Prostock-studios

Body to body
Come lay
Right here
Next to me
Caught up on you
Like my favorite hobby
Sneak me through the lobby
Straight to your dorm
It’s been a long week
Mind weak
Put it at ease
One a love streak
Even with my eyes closed
I can trace your physique
Dreaming late into the night
Perfecting my technique

Body to body
Skin on skin
Cocoa butter, shea butter baby
Mahogany Brown
Can’t tell where your love ends
And mine begins
But does it matter
If all love wins

Nose to nose
When is the end coming — ?
No one knows
You smiled
I froze
Eyes to eyes
Red strung letters
Pink balloons
Asking you to be mine
Sugar cookies and fruit punch
A divided dance floor
Just to pass the…


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Dark places
Seem to hold the brightest people
That see
In the most vivid colors

Lighters light the sky
Glow sticks, fancy kicks
And a hunger to escape
Pills shaped like candy
Dissolves on the tongue
Like sugar should
Tell me why I shouldn’t
When life turns on a dime
The next last breath
Just might be mine

Stars dance and shiver
In the night sky
Crisp, cool air
Holding hands
Don’t even know their name
Weed, puffin’ and passin’ in the breeze
Swaying along with the trees

Dark places
Always the ones
That welcome you right in
Cause don’t all sinners sin?



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