Terrific article Ben, You just spoke on behalf of a number of mozillians
moiz Ahmed

> What are your thoughts on the servo engine being built on Rust?

I think Servo & Rust are game changers when it comes to the technical implementation of a web engine, although Servo itself will probably always be a research project. With the integration of parts of Servo into Gecko with Project Quantum there’s real potential for Gecko to leapfrog the competition in terms of performance. But performance is just one aspect of creating a good web experience.

> WhatsApp is a must for any platform (in india its difficult to see anyone with a smartphone without it)

This was certainly true for many of the target markets of Firefox OS. That we couldn’t convince Whatsapp to write a web client (or even let us do it for them) was a serious blocker for success in those markets.

> Connected devices are the future and shutting it down is a huge mistake, Mozilla needs to have a say in this new Platform

Don’t worry, Mozilla isn’t done when it comes to connected devices and IoT. Watch this space.

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