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Why am I craving YOU?

I can hear your baritone hum in my ear as if you’re right there next to me. Sir! I don’t even know what you look like but it sounds soooo good.

I’m sorry if I’m being to frank but why can I feel your hands cascade down my body like water running over all over my curves.

Why are you in my thoughts giving me sweet bites to my neck while feeling your beard tickle me at the same time.

I’m so confused right now. Why is Love taunting me? I’ve given up on being in a relationship until I discover for myself what True Love is which means me going on my quest to grow close to God. It feels as if you feel my vulnerability or maybe I feel yours, as if our vibrations are synchronized even though we don’t know of each other.

I wonder if you can hear my voice and the softness that it holds. Can you feel my hand playing and intertwining with your hand while I kiss the back of your ear. Do you feel my energy? Is LOVE taunting you too?

Please, don’t worry we will make real connection when it’s time. We shouldn’t rush our being together because we will be one forever. But instead let’s learn contentment in our singleness while building separate relationships with God. So when we meet it’ll be the biggest bond all three of us have together.

I’m pretty sure I’ll dream or have a surprising thought about you even though I don’t have a clue what you look like. But feeling the energy from your soul mingle with mine even though we’re probably far from each other at the moment is good enough for me.

I’ll see you when it’s the right time and I love you.

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