Know more by reading less

I am running a personal experiment to see how little news I can consume, while staying informed with global affairs. This was inspired by fatigue I felt trying to keep up with all the information I have access to. I also had an irking suspicion that sometimes I was not getting the highest quality information.

“Is this article good and making me smarter and more informed?” I’d ask, “Or is it just link bait?”

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m lazy. If I’m exerting energy, like the energy required to concentrate on reading, I’ll find any way to rationalize why I shouldn’t. So the search ensued for less reading, and more knowing.

Long story short, my operating assumption is that The Economist, by itself, is a sufficient source of news that is worth the time spent reading it to achieve the goal of staying informed about global affairs.

It publishes weekly, covering global affairs, and is fact filled. But the print edition is more than 70 pages and most of it is boring.

So I’m publishing an Economist digest for people to dip their toes in the water. It’s a weekly summary of the best articles from The Economist print edition. So go ahead and check it out and tell me, have you found found a way to know more by reading less?

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