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What Nintendo taught me about being a dad 

About a week ago a co-worker sent me a .zip file of Nintendo ringtones that took me down memory lane. I giggled and reminisced as I heard the…

The recent article from Mashable featuring Magic inspired me. Whether it’s a good idea or not, the founders had an idea, acted quickly, and then held on. I can’t shake this feeling that good ideas, often come as some sort of brain flare and immediate action is the best way to deal with them.

7 Things Your Parents Taught You About How to be Successful That Probably Aren’t’ True Anymore.

October 29, 2014

As a Generation X-er (although I feel like I’m a Gen Y trapped in a Gen X body) I am in an interesting position as I look to my parents for guidance on professional success. Their model comes from a different time and we should be collectively…

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The world asks for more and more of us each day. Here is where we talk about how to fight back.

Staying fit is important. Here is what we think about it. 

As the landscape changes and investing in startups becomes more accessible, let’s look at how this asset class fits into more traditional portfolio management theories. 

My Biggest Piece of Advice For New Founders • Brandon Gadoci

October 28, 2014

My Biggest Piece of Advice For New Founders

Where will Startups be in 100 Years?

October 23, 2014

In 1914 Beverly Hills, CA was incorporated, Babe Ruth debuted as pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, and the first transcontinental phone link was made between NYC & SF. Entrepreneurs by the names of Carnegie, Rockefeller, Edison, Hershey, Kellogg, Ford, Merrill and Sears were pursuing their respective missions which…

13 Thing You Might Not Have Known About Investing in Startups • Brandon Gadoci

October 27, 2014

13 Thing You Might Not Have Known About Investing in Startups

October 27, 2014

The combination of public market alpha opportunities decreasing and legislation making investing in startups more interesting to more people, means…

The Invisible Game

In 2009, I hung up my cuff links and fake Rolex and decided to leave the world of financial advising. Prior to my time in wealth management, I was an entrepreneur, and I wanted to get back to those roots. At 30 years old with a nine-month old son, I changed direction. (you can read the rest of my story here and here).


As an early hire to a startup you will likely find yourself in a position where you are under-qualified for a certain job. Strike that. You will probably find yourself under qualified for several different jobs at the same time. Breathe. This is a good place to be; you will learn and grow. It’s usually just a matter of demystification and context awareness. That said, it can be…


Our product offering is likely wrong, but we have a product offering. Our sales process is probably not right, but we have a process. The newsletter frequency and content could be improved, but we have a daily and weekly newsletter. Our blog content should be more frequent, but we have blog content. Inbound marketing could be optimized, but we have inbound leads. We probably need to track…

Valuing Blackswans

I originally posted this on the Disruption Blog.

Black Swans are mysterious, rare, and elusive. As are some of the biggest valuation jumps in early stage growth companies. Take Quora, for instance.

In April of this year Quora raised a Series C round at $80MM on a $900MM valuation. That is more than double its valuation for its B round in…