The Sanctification of White Pussy
Tuhina Verma Rasche

You said it right, sanctification of … but not just what you labeled, but something much larger, let’s call it “x” — what is that “x”? Kate Cooper said it, in part again.

Ever hear some* white man speak with pride about his wife or kids or even their culture/community? If you dig deep down, most such occasions of pride essentially boil down to “claiming of a trophy”. That, in this rat race that we are all engaged in, they have something better than others. A “desirable” wife, “accomplished” children, “obedient” pets, “successful” company, “esteemed” club membership, “flashy” cars, “opulent” homes, “expensive” vacations… they are all considered signs of their success. There is very little really about anything beyond their pride! And also that their very existence is to be the benefactor of everything around. Why else would they claim that slaves should be glad about how they were ‘cared’ for by the plantation owners? (Also note how an “accomplished” wife is rarely something a white man is proud of… because it does not allow him to become the center of focus!)

Within colored ones, the fair-skinned are more advantaged. Would Beyonce have been as successful a music artist if she were of a much darker complexion? I don’t know but am hazarding a guess that perhaps not. Same with Zoe Saldanha. Would Susan Boyle have been taken more seriously if she were black? Great pipes but not capitalizable? Is that the only measure?

So where do any brown or for that matter colored person stand here? In the pecking order that often determines the extent to which one succeeds, browns can never stand shoulder to shoulder with a white. Because White Privilege. It just keeps going deeper when you start tracking who safeguards these meta level interests. In short, a lot of the coloreds are screwed — through denied opportunity, denied parity. Only solace is in seeking an intellectual platform where progress and success are measured on completely different metrics — contribution to society, empowerment, happiness, upliftment, education etc. of the community. Not quite there, but some.

* — because I have few white friends who do not fit this mindset, and I cherish their friendship and company.

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