trembling and thinking and/maybe just wondering/how it would be if we really could change something/now that humanity seems to be/what?/i do not even know them by the clock/tick goes the rhythm/the daily routines/sleep late get up to the coffee machine/how many hours do you sell per day?/how many dreams have you washed away?/tock goes the flow of the crowd in the streets/working on plans they don’t seem to believe/who’s getting richer and who’s going down?/is there a difference when no one is around?/like a disease you are bought and you pay/medicine food clothes cars and today/when do you think this is going to end?/how fair could it be when you have to pretend/you like your job/and you like living for it/you like your family but/home?/that’s for the weekend/thank you thank you thank you for the opportunity/i might as well give my best to this unique/shot to change my life and maybe be someone/thank you thank you/i’m gonna be someone.

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