Artificial Intelligence: Uninformed Search

In this post i will try to give brief details about a kind of search strategies used by artificially intelligent agents called “Uninformed search”.

Any agent(human or artificial) tries to find solution to a problem by trying all the possible ways the problem can be solved,if more than one possibility is found to solve that problem, then obviously the optimal one will be chosen, This approach is called “Problem solving by search”.

As the name implies, Uninformed search doesn’t need to know about the domain/environment in which it is searching for a solution. There are several variants in uninformed search strategy.

  1. Breadth First Search (BFS): Expands shallowest node first.
  2. Depth First Search (DFS): Expands deepest node first.
  3. Depth Limited Search (DLS): DFS with limited depth.
  4. Iterative Deepening Search (IDS) : DLS with increasing depth limit.
  5. Uniform Cost Search (UCS): Expands Least cost node first. (similar to Dijsktra’s algorithm)
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