So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

Rebrand your company and the machine’s name to Stockist or My Stockist and market it as “The Vending Machine Re-invented.”

Messaging should be about disrupting/replacing other vending machines, *not people* through a better and more convenient user experience. It’s as easy as grabbing *your* favorite snacks, non-perishables, toiletries, etc from *your own shelf at home* when you’re not home or you temporarily ran out of said item(s). No “exact change only”, slot rejecting crumpled dollar bills, snacks getting stuck on shelf, B5 (your favorite snack ) is empty… It’s not too hard to imagine the short video ads contrasting your experience vs traditional vending machines. Hire Jason Alexander to do the ads.

Donate a percentage of each sale to a local charity such as a food bank.

Promote environmentally friendly packaging and recycling by encouraging or requiring waste and recycling bins next to the machine, or make your own with matching aesthetics. Incorporate barcode scanners into them to give your customers recycling/redemption credits with the option to donate credits to a local charity of their choice.

Problem solved.

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