Moana and Resistance Spectating
Richard Wolfgramm

Interesting take. Not mine…not remotely close, but I am still really glad I read your take on it. I do NOT come to this movie or any movie as a “resisting spectator” and that is likely the main reason I just do not see it the same way.

I love to learn. I am passionate about learning…and learning about cultures is a part of that. I am a Disney nut and a non-profit executive who is blessed to be able to work with youth. My view point is this….if entertainment also sparks an interest those entertained just might look deeper.

Moana is a movie. Disney is an entertainment company.

I loved your viewpoints and enjoyed reading your blog here….but, perhaps sometimes we are too ready to look for what we don’t like rather than what we do? Just my 2 cents. I will be doing a movie review for Moana and posting it on twitter & youtube soon, I would LOVE to continue the conversation if you are interested, I can be found on twitter @bgcjeff & @dolewhipdad

Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed reading it very much.