Unfortunately I have to tend to the Bananas and then bureaucracy.
Helena Sophia Exel

I don’t know why I had an increased quote level.

I have had a few years working in the International Development / Humanitarian Assistance — Disaster Response world. I have been at the table when large problems were discussed. I have looked behind the curtain, and there is no wizard. There are a lot of people who are trying to do the best they can given the situation they have. While there are private clubs where members tent their fingers and scheme to shape the world to their vision, the only tools they have are access and persuasion.

If you wish to marginalize the usefulness of those tools, push for decentralization and respectful debate. When power is centralized, access to the handful of decision makers becomes access to power. When power is decentralized, there is less to access. When we have echo chambers, strong emotions are the central motivations, regardless of the usefulness or danger in the underlying ideas. Healthy, respectful debate has ideas bounce against each other, and the truly idiotic ones (like the hate expressed recently in Charlottesville VA) wither and die without the fear that gives them life.

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