The Best iOS Development Bootcamp in Toronto (Former)

NOTE: It looks like Bitmaker has stopped running their iOS bootcamp. From where I sit, there aren’t any decent iOS bootcamps in Toronto, right now.

I’ve noticed something popping up on a lot of iOS development forums and mailing lists lately:

“I want to learn iOS development. I know there are a lot of resources online, but I would prefer a place where I can go and learn in Toronto.”

Each one usually ends the same way: “Can anyone tell me where I can go?”

Everyone has a different learning style. Some of us can pick up new skills quickly and easily using online courses. For others, a book is the easiest way to go. Often your learning style will change as you progress in your career. In the beginning of my iOS development journey, I often found it helpful to work side-by-side with someone more experienced.

It’s the easiest way to be able to ask questions, get clarification, and solve the inevitable issues that pop up. Toronto offers a number of iOS bootcamps and training courses. As a beginner, it can be downright impossible to know which one is best.

I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with students from a number of programs and, for my money, I’d recommend the iOS Development course at Bitmaker. No, they aren’t paying me to say that.

It’s an intensive, full-time, 9-week course, covering everything from Swift to watchOS and tvOS. Along the way you’ll have the opportunity to hear talks from industry professionals (like me!), work in teams with other developers, demo your work to an audience, and visit local startups.

I won’t lie — it can be overwhelming. They pack a ton into those 9 weeks. And it ain’t cheap. Plus, there’s no guarantee you’ll land a job at the end of it. But if you’re passionate about iOS development and want a kick in the ass to get started, I think it’s the best option in the city right now.

This originally appeared on the Monday Mailer.