As the red, orange, and yellow leaves were falling down all around her, a warm sensation surrounded her. The smell of autumn filled her with thoughts of apple pie, coffee, and clean cool air. Freedom is the best way to describe the vibe within the breeze leaves her in peace as it passes by. The whispers that come from the the trees speak of hope. And like a guru talking to his student, she listens to every word and is enlightened by the words. She will be faithful to the glorious words because she knows the world need to hear it.

The river moves slow like a snail because the waves are at ease on this day. It’s the best and the worst feeling. Best because she’s here and enjoying the beauty, but worst because she knows she’s going to have to get up and go. But it’s okay. She will return stronger and more powerful because she will take the peace she was given, and share it to the world.

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