Atlanta skyline, my hometown

Beginnings of a New Life

I am not really used to writing blogs, I typically don’t even read them unless someone or something links one to me, but I’ve decided to give it a shot. Oddly enough I do love to read and even write. Ever since I can remember my mother and father read to me. My young life was full of the typical Goldenbooks and Dr. Seuss’, but, starting just after toddler age, my father started reading me and my brother “real books.” I loved to call them that, really it was just a bunch of very small, easily read, sci-fi serials. I think that is what shaped me the most, or at least it’s what I remember most from my early childhood.

In my preteens, I kept my love of reading. Instead of waiting for dad to read to me each night, I found out I could get a book for myself and read it at my own pace. Soon I was reading grand, rich story lines. Anne McCaffrey, Isaac Asimov, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Robert Jorden, all these names were important to me. They could help me lose myself in fantastic worlds, and they fostered my creativity and imagination.

My next big realization was that I understand new things pretty quickly. I don’t mean I suddenly realized I was a genius in elementary/middle school. I don’t handle rote memorization very well, and flashcards were pure torture to me, but if you are trying to teach me a concept, I can understand it quickly. Most of the time in classes like math and science, all I needed was for something to be mentioned once to understand it. I blame my reading for that, I was always reading way above my age-group’s reading level. This forced me to look up new words all the time, but after a while looking things up took the back seat to understanding a new word based on the context of how it was used. That skill is why I think I can pick up on new concepts easily. I see the context, connect the dots, and everything makes sense.

Then in my teens the big revelation hit, when my parents got me my first computer. My love of getting lost in fantastic worlds could suddenly be indulged in games, my enjoyment for learning new concepts could be enjoyed by trying to figure out new programs. This techie wonderland soon captivated me. Highschool and on were swallowed up in in my two main passions: music (I’ll get into that another day) and technology.

Iron Yard Campus

Now here I am, an adult. I have some college, service to the US Air Force, and work experience under my belt, but those are stories for another day. Now I am embarking on the newest step in my journey. I’ve recently started taking classes at a trade school called The Iron Yard. It’s a fast-paced programming school with a pretty amazing track record of getting it’s graduates hired (better track record than a college degree in my opinion). So far it has been a blast. Unlike college programming courses I have taken before, no time is wasted on unnecessary learning. In literally one week at the Iron yard, the teaching has caught up to the point I was at after two and a half years of college courses. It is challenging, fun, and exciting. I can feel this wave of momentum growing behind me everyday. In a few months I will finally have a challenging job in a field that I love. I’ll be making enough money to take control of my life, and enjoying it the whole way. I don’t know who said this first, but if you find a job doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m finally aimed at that job, and I can’t wait to get there.

Well, this was kind of fun. I feel like the first bit of my first blog was good, but the second half is going to come across as an advert, but what I hope you get from it is this: I have had many different stages in my life, many different climbs and right now I’m starting my next climb into the next stage. It feels so good to get things moving!