Social media. The allure of it all

Capturing Attention in Social Media

Gaining attention in social media is the main driving force behind the platform. The more attention something gains then the more people get behind it. Many companies base their success on effective communication, content, and of course a loyal following.

One of the most daunting challenges of gaining viewer attention are the vast amounts of competition out there. There are literally millions of people trying to gain the same attention from the same demographic as you. This can be quite a challenge and it is important to figure out early on how to make yourself stand out from the crowd. You must figure out what makes you, your company, your product or whatever else you are trying to promote unique.

Taking a personal approach to zero in on a certain demographic can be a powerful tool to gain viewer attention. A picture is worth a thousand words and that saying rings true in the world of social media. Pictures can be a powerful way to get your message across to an audience and can even evoke emotions. Encouraging audience participation on social media platforms can be a great way to spread the word and keep people captivated.

Maintaining Engagement in Social Media

Securing engagement in social media essentially creates a following of people that are interested in what you have to offer or believe in your cause. Social media can increase brand awareness and create revenue for a business. Most companies use it to provide live customer service. Failure to secure engagement will place you in a kind of social media purgatory and people will become uninterested resulting in less followers.

It is best to keep things simple and easily accessible for the audience. People are known to have short attention spans so having something that grabs their attention immediately is important. Anticipating people’s wants and needs by focusing on a particular demographic plays an role important when trying to maintain engagement. Listening to user feedback is a great tool to use for fine tuning your social media approach. It is important to embrace feedback and implement suggestions from your audience in order to increase retention.


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