Today I’m starting a new role with CEO Quest as a Managing Director

In my career, I have leaned strongly toward new technologies and business models. Whether it be designing the world’s fastest supercomputer or pioneering business models on the Internet, I’m drawn to big challenges and interesting people. I love to be surrounded by brilliant engineers and amazing business people as ideas are proposed, debated, proven and deployed.

Along the way, I’ve learned that it’s hard work to create and scale a company, going from a minimum viable product to key customer wins and ultimately solving problems for a community. But it is an incredibly rewarding experience to succeed at the new, to prove the unproven and to scale the grand challenges. As the CEO of Whamcloud, my most recent startup, I knew a key component was to hire the right people in addition to making the right product and having an appropriate business/revenue model. It was hard work, but when we announced the sale to Intel and I saw the rewards given the staff — it was so worth it.

I’m thrilled to join CEO Quest, the premier Silicon Valley-based expert advisory group for tech CEOs. To date, the CEO Quest model has been used locally, but I aspire to bring these resources to CEOs worldwide. With my global experience and extensive network, I want to help CEOs around the world to benefit from the wisdom, materials, and talent that CEO Quest offers. As a Managing Director at CEO Quest, my role is to help the best CEO’s excel in their individual journey to build and scale technology companies.

CEO Quest is the premier Silicon Valley-based expert advisory group for tech CEOs. They bring a unique, research-based approach to company building to help CEO’s benefit from best practice, different sets of eyes and knowledge of technology & business.

If you are or know of a CEO/company who is forward-leaning and wanting to do more, they can benefit from membership in CEO Quest. Through this affiliation, the CEO will make increasingly “sharper decisions” day-by-day and week-by-week. Please point them at and introduce them to me. Thank you!

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