Create an inclusive environment to help your newly hired Deaf employee become successful

I’ve mentioned in my other posts that it’s a great idea to hire Deaf people because of how Deaf Gain contributes towards a more inclusive culture. Another great example of the Deaf community’s contribution to society is their role in space research (tip of the hat to @braamjordaan)

You’ve taken that important step to diversify your company’s culture by expanding your workforce to more accurately reflect the diverse range of customers served and the community in which it is based. Now, where do you go from here? …

This is an edited version of my notes for a 30 minute talk I gave at AlterConf on May 6, 2017. AlterConf is a terrific conference focused on inclusivity in tech and gaming. If inclusivity interests you, you will enjoy this conference!

Everyone has a story

Hello everyone! My name is Brendan Gramer and I am Deaf. I design user experiences at Amazon and I want to thank AlterConf for the opportunity to be here today and share my story with you all here.

It’s important to understand that we all have stories to share that inform others of our uniqueness. …

Diversify your company’s approach to initiating first contact with Deaf job candidates

Companies with diverse and inclusive cultures should have multiple ways to make first contact with a job candidate regardless of whether they have a disability or not. Having a diverse approach to recruiting and screening allows your company to be flexible and quickly adapt to a candidate’s needs. That means there needs to be more ways to engage a prospective job candidate than a go-to phone screen, which sadly, is how many companies do it today.

Phone screens are a barrier for Deaf job candidates

First contact involves a phone screen with recruiters and hiring managers and that is a barrier Deaf people face when seeking employment.

Being asked…

Today’s world is becoming more inclusive every day. Research has shown that companies benefit greatly from a diverse approach to hiring and cultivating an inclusive culture of many types including the Deaf community. If you want to learn more about the Deaf culture, there are many books but in this context, Deaf Gain stands out as a great example because it shares in more detail how society and companies have benefitted from their contributions.

To sum it up, it’s a great idea to hire Deaf people!

When the opportunity arrives that a job candidate has self identified as Deaf and…

Brendan Gramer

Designing how customers pay on Amazon. Proudly Deaf. Inclusivity, Accessibility and ASL advocate. Father of two, sports fan and homebrewer.

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