Years of Living Dangerously

Teaser and Trailer

We love working on projects that are both entertaining and informative. So when NatGeo came to us to produce a graphics package for their Years of Living Dangerously promo, we took it and ran.

Designs by Erika Lee
Animation by Jeffrey Kordova

To show the environmental destruction of our planet, we brought together beautiful, epic landscapes and arid, endangered environments. NatGeo had incredible aerial and underwater photography from all over the world. This set the tone for our work, and allowed nature to speak for itself.

Source photography from NatGeo

The landscapes are set as a backdrop that shift into motion, creating a sense of urgency. We use type and graphics to drive the behavior, and our images always animate in a jarring and unsettling way. Ultimately, our approach was to create a sense of chaos and urgency, reflecting on the reality behind climate change.

Animation by Jeffrey Kordova

Thanks again to NatGeo for being great partners once again, and for allowing us to take part a second time in Years of Living Dangerously.


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