Young Talent of BigStar

Ivan Viaranchyk, Carol Cai, & Alec Iselin

(from left to right) Ivan Viaranchyk, Carol Cai, & Alec Iselin
Short animation ‘Night Shadows’ By Ivan Viaranchyk

“I think that a piece is successful when it can hold a viewer’s attention. Whether it’s an illustration, an animation or a graphic design; the work needs to be able to hold the viewer’s eye.”

Robert Mapplethorpe illustration by Carol Cai

“I want to do a lot of things, I want to learn fashion or industrial design, but I guess ultimately I want to be so good that people hire me just for my art”

Bear Walking Through The Woods animation by Alec Iselin

“I spend my time animating and designing because it feels liberating to create something on screen out of my imagination”

Motion Design NYC