Young Talent of BigStar

Ivan Viaranchyk, Carol Cai, & Alec Iselin

(from left to right) Ivan Viaranchyk, Carol Cai, & Alec Iselin

Three of our young powerhouse artists have pushed the limits of their creative comfort zones in the motion graphics industry. Each of them, after receiving their respective degrees, continued exploring and learning different facets of motion, eventually leading them all to our studio.

Although they come from all over the world — Belarus, California, and Ohio — their individual walks of life only add to their motivations for the art they create on a daily basis — not just in the office, but also in their free time.

We had the chance to pick their brains a bit, and get a feel for how they see themselves and their work.

Short animation ‘Night Shadows’ By Ivan Viaranchyk

Ivan Viaranchyk majored in Cel Animation and has continued to excel in and beyond that realm, building a strong illustration portfolio and continuously developing his abilities in design and digitally rendered animation. In our interview, he mentioned he had never worked in Adobe before interning at BGSTR.

— — —

“I think that a piece is successful when it can hold a viewer’s attention. Whether it’s an illustration, an animation or a graphic design; the work needs to be able to hold the viewer’s eye.”
Robert Mapplethorpe illustration by Carol Cai

Carol Cai is purely grounded in physical illustration and studio art, learning Adobe Creative Cloud programs completely on her own, and steering her drawing skills into clean, digital design outside of print. She never saw herself as a motion designer before coming to BGSTR, but nearly all of her designs have gone from conception to completion on the projects we’ve sent her way.

— — —

“I want to do a lot of things, I want to learn fashion or industrial design, but I guess ultimately I want to be so good that people hire me just for my art”
Bear Walking Through The Woods animation by Alec Iselin

And finally, Alec Iselin is one of our top 3D artists. While he started as a filmmaker, he continued beyond college to familiarize himself with a deeper technical knowledge of self-taught visual effects and animation. During his time at BGSTR, he’s been a key player in improving our technical capabilities and assets, all while consistently boosting his art with advancing animation methods.

— — —

“I spend my time animating and designing because it feels liberating to create something on screen out of my imagination”

We’re excited to have fresh perspectives on our team, and can’t wait to see our collaboration continue to grow.