Why Blocking Jon Westenberg, Benjamin Hardy, et al., Will Improve Your Life
Matt Pfeffer


First off, great piece. I think the larger point that you’re making here is valid in that much of the “self help” literature out in the world is fluffery. Which is mostly true.

Readers are often better off testing hypotheses and learning from their own experiences.

But we can’t blame writers (or any content creators) for doing what works. In your own headline, you used a tactic (even if it was tongue-in-cheek) to get people to hear a message that is also worth hearing:

To be weary of click bait and not to get sucked into the vortex of consuming and not acting.

I think the most valuable lesson to be learned here is that regardless of what you read or see out in the world, you should learn how best to think for yourself.

There will always be noise in the world. It’s our responsibility to tune our ears to what’s worth listening to.