Harvest Money Like Harvesting Acorns

After stepping out of the high school gate, I discovered a lot of ways to earn money. There are no lack ways to grow money, but the lack of minds to do so. Earning the first bucket of gold is not hard. Having the idea to make your money grow is the hardest part. But money is not what you can plant, then how could it be “grow?” Maybe put some money into the soil, and flower it with water and some fertilizer too. Then repeat the same steps in the next few months and harvest it. Is that how it works? Of course not! That is why investment exists. Is that a need to invest or is it just a habit? In fact, everyone should invest. 
Investments are something that people are talking about in life every day. Not many people know how investment happens, here is the answer. For those people who know about the importance of investment are trying to increase their personal values and their asset values. The definition from Cambridge Dictionary is given “the act of putting money or effort into something to make a profit or achieve a result” In other words, an investment can be an asset or item to be used now and harvest in the future. An investment can be purchased for a monetary asset, such as the purchase of bonds, stocks, real estate or other properties. An investment is what will be using the current asset to create a future value for you. There are more and more people who are willing to use their assets to buy stocks bonds to watch their money grow into a bigger value. 
The old style to a fortune is to keep money in a safe or bank account. However, more and more study shows that it is not wise to keep money in a safe rather than making an investment to watch the money grow. In the article named Future Value vs. Present Value by Dawn Aldridge (chron.com,) it describes “The time value of money is the idea that today’s dollar today is worth a different amount than tomorrow’s dollar. Today’s dollar can be invested to earn interest, making it worth more tomorrow. You can also use that dollar to buy a dollar’s worth of stuff today, but that same dollar won’t be able to buy as much stuff in the future because of inflation.” From the concept of the time value of money, it illustrates that the future value of same amount money is going to be less than the present value of same amount money on hand. In other words, investment is the best way to maintain or even make a growth to a fortune. No one wants to lose his/her money value.
Since there are more and more people making investments with their assets and personal values. But what is it the purpose of invest? The purpose of the investment is the process to develop from 1 to 100 or even more. From the professional website named Investopedia, by Investopedia Staff, it says “One of the most compelling reasons for you to invest in the prospect of not having to work your entire life! Bottom line, there are only two ways to make money: by working and/or by having your assets work for you.” Comparing these two methods, the second one is obviously much easier. Because it is as simple as putting money into an account, and the rest you need to do is just wait for a period then take your “acorns” out. In other words, investing is a way for your money to grow for you just by a simple move. The long-term return is bigger than you can imagine. 
 It is never too early to invest. In the new era of technology living, it actually makes everything possible through our cell phones. It is so surprising to invest without talking to a broker or getting charge for an agent fee to buy or sell a stock with a new application called Robinhood. In the website of Robinhood, it says “Free trading refers to $0 commissions for Robinhood Financial self-directed individual cash or margin brokerage accounts that trade U.S. listed securities via mobile devices.” Making investing accessible to everyone is RobinHood APP’s goal.
 According to the article from NewYorkTimes describes “By the time the app began in the App Store in late 2014, it had a wait-list of a million people, most under the age of 30.” The fact that there are more than millions of younger people who are under the age of 30 signing up to invest. This means that investment is playing an important role in the economy. It is never too late or too early to start investing. 
People talk about goals when they talk about life. People talk about life when they talk about goals. All these goals that we desire for are the purpose of life. In other words, achieving goals is the way most people are living for. People have long-term goals which take a longer time to achieve, it could be taken for months or even years to complete those goals. Like people are saving money for retirement, college spending for kids and funding for opening a company. People also have the short-term goals which are easy to achieve and efficient. 
Investment is the best way to help people in achieving their goals, such as retirement plans, college payments or even just a small goal like buying phones. Let’s invest start from now, either monetary or yourself.

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