tour budget

Trying to trim a tour budget can be very difficult because everything on this list is very essential. But there are a few areas that you could trim off a few bucks here and there. I think with the tour van you could save at least 50 dollars if you were to talk with the dealership and try to work out some type of deal, and with the gas you could maybe shave off maybe 10 dollars in total if you go to the gas sations with the lowest price. I also believe you can shave off another 50 from the hotel room, the rooms won’t be at a 5 star hotel but you can still find some decent places for cheap. With the merch I think if you set up a deal like by a tshirt get a cd at half price or something that would help with t-shirt sales and you'll be able to get a little bit more money in the bank. If worst came to worse you could trim the salaries of the players not by much of course because they are still working and deserve to get paid but even if it’s just 50 dollars less you could save money but i would make that a last resort type of thing. You could also maybe save on the cab spending if you stay at a hotel that drives the vans and will take you to places for free.

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