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Technology has changed the way many people shop, fueling the meteoric growth of e-commerce. With a click, customers now expect a box filled with any number of goods to arrive at their doors — sometimes the very same day, a sea change from even a few years ago. While some of the ripple effects of e-commerce are more obvious — like the army of last-mile delivery drivers on the streets — others are largely hidden from view, tucked away in cavernous buildings in industrial parks, where warehouse workers hustle to assemble orders. …

It’s a dizzying time for anyone thinking about work.

The past few months have marked a dismal low point for workers in the U.S., in the context of widening inequality and sustained attacks on the rights of workers that have been a hallmark of certain business leadership and their political allies. You can find details about the recent SCOTUS decisions in NLRB v. Murphy Oil USA here and Janus v. AFSCME here, but suffice it to say that these decisions will make it much more difficult for people to come together to make improvements in their workplaces.

At the same…

Beth Gutelius, Ph.D.

Associate Director of the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Center for Urban Economic Development | Student of modern labor markets | Renaissance human

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