BGX Network Demo

At BGX, we have to admit that the technologies we deal with… may get abstract.

Whether it is the mathematical F-BFT Consensus model, an abstract decentralized network, or deep neural networks, any of the many BGX components may be hard to feel and imagine.

However, BGX has made great strides from being a product of mere imagination. The revolutionary Consensus powers the existing network that was recently released as KOWABUNGA! — version 0.5.

The KOWABUNGA! release is accompanied by several of the promised white label tools that are designed to make business integration easier, such as mobile app. As an added benefit, they make demonstrating the network far easier.

That is why we decided to record a demo.

This demo accompanies the existing alpha release and demonstrates what has been accomplished and how the network works. While the Consensus remains intangible, the productivity of the BGX Network is already apparent through the BGX Dashboard and the BGX App (available on iOS and Android).

This follows our philosophy of being an open source and an inviting, accessible project. Take a look at the demo and follow us on our progress!

Image result for BGX Kowabunga!