Partnership with a Top Research Institution — SPbU

It seems like every day brings in more news. Not a bad way to start 2019?

We are continuing to strengthen our ties with the academic community. Today, we are announcing our partnership with the Saint-Petersburg State University (SPbU).

Saint-Petersburg State University is the oldest and among the largest universities in Russia. It is a historical hub of scientific thought and discovery. Eight of the graduates of the university are Nobel Prize recipients. Among the renowned affiliated scholars have been Leonard Euler, Mikhail Lomonosov, chemist Dmitri Mendeleev (Periodic Table of Elements) and many others.

The State University has a very strong mathematics research department. Stanislav Smirnov and Grigori Perelman are two graduates awarded by the Fields medal — the most prestigious mathematical award, as there are no Nobel Prizes awarded for this discipline. The latter, Grigori Perelman, has made headlines for solving one of the seven legendary Millenial problems in mathematics — the Poincaré conjecture, solved by Dr. Perelman after near a century of effort by many notable mathematicians.

The legacy and influence of such a high standard in mathematics emanates in the corresponding department and University as a whole.

As BGX is working to perfect the mathematical model of its F-BFT Consensus, we have signed an agreement to enlist active consulting eff perfect the Consensus even further and provide proof of its absolute horizontal and vertical scalability.

We are happy to welcome our new partner, Saint-Petersburg State University!